Alma MX Park now has the Race Ready Live/Timing and scoring transponder system!  The more you know, the faster you go - and that is exactly why we bring you RaceReady RFID transponder racing. RaceReady will guide you to faster laps, as it offers insights into your performance. You can see, analyze and share your race results through your personal RaceReady account. 

No matter what race conditions are presented on race day, the transponders ensure your scoring will be immediate and accurate.  On Practice before the race you will be able to try different track lines to find the fastest line around the track to ensure you have the competitive edge over other racers.  


When Race Ready transponder scoring is being used, you will be able to see live race results on the web  So signup now at https://app.iraceready.com/ 

today to get on the right path for winning your next race.